The Underdiagnosis and Undertreatment of Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association ( assessed the prevalence of painful diabetic peripheral (PDN) and its impact on quality of life and patient satisfaction with their treatment.  The cross section study evaluated 71 subjects with Type 1 or type 2 diabetes (age 45 – 85 years).  Although 22% of the subjects reported a diagnosis of PDN from their physician, 54% reported symptoms of burning, aching, or tenderness in their hands, arms, legs, or feet.  Only 14% of these patients were receiving treatment for their symptoms.  Among subjects reporting symptoms of PDN, over half reported some level of interference with their sleep and a similar percentage stated dissatisfaction with their current treatment. The authors conclude that PDN may be substantially underdiagnosed and undertreated; which represents a potential opportunity for pharmacists to help patients with diabetes achieve a better quality of life.

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