How Is the Design of SENSUS Different From Other TENS Devices?

Monday, July 21st, 2014

A conventional TENS device typically includes a control unit, wires and individual electrode pads.  These devices rely on the user to determine, and manually set, the stimulation levels through the various control dials on the device.  The user must also place multiple electrodes in specific locations and then connect the electrodes to the control units with lead wires.  These wires and individual electrodes inhibit the user’s movement and usually require the user to remain stationary throughout the entire therapy session.

SENSUS has a unique, pre-configured electrode that easily snaps directly onto the back of the device.  The device and electrode are then secured to the upper calf by a Velcro strap.  A single button press activates therapy at the therapeutic intensity level that was automatically calculated for the user prior to the first use.

SENSUS is low profile so that it may be worn discreetly under clothing and it is lightweight so it is comfortable to wear throughout the day or during sleep.  The user may go about their daily activities like walking the dog, working in the garden or sleeping through the night, while benefitting from pain relief SENSUS provides.

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