How Is Therapy with SENSUS Different From Other TENS Devices?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

With conventional TENS, the user must start and stop therapy manually. When activated, these devices run at a constant intensity level throughout the therapy session unless the user manually intervenes. When stimulating for a prolonged period at the same intensity level, the stimulation may become less effective as a result of nerve desensitization. This is when the nerves ‘get used to’ the stimulation. Also, conventional TENS devices carry warnings against use while sleeping.

SENSUS optimizes the user’s experience and pain relief in a number of ways. SENSUS will automatically restart therapy every other hour, so the user can put the device on and get relief throughout the day or night without having to think about it. Within a given therapy session, SENSUS automatically increases the stimulation intensity over the course of the session to compensate for nerve desensitization. This helps ensure that the stimulation the user is receiving is optimized for therapy. Lastly, SENSUS is the only TENS device approved by the FDA for use during sleep. This allows people suffering from sleep disruption due to chronic pain a TENS options for overnight pain relief.

Posted by NeuroMetrix in SENSUS Operation