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Benefits of Exercise for Neuropathic Pain

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Neuropathic pain can set off a vicious cycle for sufferers. Healthcare providers frequently recommend patients engage in more daily activity, including regular exercise, as a treatment for the underlying cause of their chronic pain, such as diabetes. Unfortunately, the pain itself may prevent the patient from being more active. A recent article in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, “Benefits of exercise intervention in reducing neuropathic pain”, outlined the impact of exercise on peripheral neuropathy. While most people are aware of the positive impact that routine exercise can have on diseases such as diabetes, the article’s authors also review studies that show how exercise can preserve and promote function of the peripheral nerves and reduce the neuropathic pain sensations.  
SENSUS may be a good solution for people experiencing chronic pain who would like to be able to incorporate more activity into their daily lives. The device is a convenient, wearable electrical nerve stimulator that offers patients a fast-acting, non-narcotic chronic pain relief option. SENSUS has no side effects, such as lethargy, that may deter a user from exercise. Users may put the device on their leg under clothing and go about their daily activities, including the pursuit of fitness goals. Read More

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Why does it take up to 15 minutes to get relief?

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

SENSUS employs transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which is thought to work through the central nervous system. The device stimulates the sensory nerves that travel from the lower legs and feet to the brain through pathways in the spinal cord, prompting the body to release natural peptides (i.e., small proteins) called enkephalins that decrease the perception of pain. Although your central nervous system is releasing these native pain relieving chemicals, the process takes time to register an effect.  Some people will experience relief in a shorter amount of time, but users should allow up to 15 minutes for relief after starting a therapy session with SENSUS.   Fortunately, the diminished perception of pain may linger for up to an hour after the conclusion of a therapy session.  If your device is set to restart automatically, your next session will commence one hour after the prior session finishes for optimal pain relief. Read More

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