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How is SENSUS Optimized for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

SENSUS was designed to meet the unique needs of those suffering from neuropathic pain conditions such as painful diabetic neuropathy (PDN).  People with diabetes and PDN often have physiology that responds differently to electrotherapy than that of someone without diabetes. For instance, nerve degeneration and elevated skin resistance to electrical stimulation are typical in those with diabetes. Effective pain relief may therefore require a more powerful device with higher stimulation output. Most conventional TENS devices do not have the capability of delivering the stimulation characteristics that are needed for those with diabetic peripheral neuropathy and therefore may have limited efficacy and utility for treating PDN.
SENSUS is a wearable pain relief device designed to provide the user the freedom to be active while they are receiving therapy. Conventional TENS units include multiple individual electrodes connected to lead wires, which may be awkward to place for pain in the lower legs and feet and it would inhibit the user’s mobility. The SENSUS and integrated electrode are placed on the upper calf. The device is slim enough to be worn discreetly under clothing so the user can go about their daily activities while therapy is being provided.
Since PDN often disrupts sleep, traditional TENS devices are not an option for night time pain relief because they cannot be used during sleep. SENSUS is the only nerve stimulator approved by the FDA for use during sleep so it is an option for around the clock pain relief. 
Finally, most people with diabetes have complicated treatment programs involving multiple medications and devices such as blood glucose meters. Consequently, many of them will want to avoid an addition to their therapeutic regime that is unnecessarily complicated. Unlike conventional TENS devices, SENSUS is highly automated and can be setup by at home in just a few minutes. Therapy is initiated and stopped by pressing the sole button on the device and will automatically run throughout the day without any management on the part of the user.
The SENSUS Pain Management System has been optimized for people with diabetes, and includes advanced technology to enhance convenience while maximizing pain relief. Read More

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