Get Relief

SENSUS is a new pain relief option designed for ease-of-use and convenience. Just strap SENSUS on your leg and press the button - it's that easy. SENSUS is a pain control option that you use on demand – whenever you have pain, activate the device to get relief without side effects and without disrupting your daily activities. SENSUS is lightweight and low profile so it's comfortable to wear and can even be worn under your clothing.

SENSUS provides pain relief by comfortably stimulating the nerves that carry normal, non-painful sensations to your brain. Stimulation of these nerves changes the levels of certain natural chemicals in your nervous system that decrease your pain.

SENSUS may be used together with the pain medications you may be on now. When used together, SENSUS may address the pain that is not being adequately controlled by your pain relief medication. Your doctor can determine if SENSUS is an option for you and how it should be best used.