About 100 million people suffer from chronic pain in the U.S. alone.  Along with the discomfort and frustration of chronic pain, it may also interfere with your daily activities and impact your overall enjoyment of life.

Pain may be preventing you from maintaining an active lifestyle or disrupting your ability to work.  Many people report that their chronic pain makes them feel depressed, anxious or irritable and that it interferes with their ability to concentrate. It often affects peoples’ mood and their relationships.  Chronic pain can also have a significant impact on your sleep.  Your pain may be preventing you from getting to sleep or disrupt your ability to sleep well.

  • Does your pain keep you from doing the activities you want to do?
  • Does the pain disrupt your sleep?
  • Has your mood changed because of the pain?
  • Are your relationships being affected by the pain?

How is Chronic Pain Treated?

There are many treatment options for chronic pain although medications are the most widely used.  Another treatment option your doctor may prescribe is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator. These are electronic devices which stimulate your nerves to reduce your pain. By comfortably stimulating the nerves that carry normal non-painful sensations to your brain, the stimulation changes the levels of certain natural chemicals in your nervous system that decreases your pain.

The SENSUS Pain Management System is a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator designed for chronic pain control in the lower legs and feet. It may be an option for you. For a brochure on using SENSUS for controlling chronic pain, click here.