SENSUS consists of a device and an electrode.  The electrode snaps to the device which is then secured to your leg, just below the knee, with a Velcro® strap.  To start a therapy session, simply press the button. Each therapy session lasts 60 minutes with pain relief starting in about 15 minutes, and often lasting 30 minutes following the end of the session.  You may use SENSUS as often as you need.

Getting Started

Using SENSUS is easy.  When you receive your device it will have detailed instructions on how to get started.  There is also an instructional video available here.  Within 10 minutes you should be ready to start therapy.

Before using SENSUS for the first time you will configure the device for the right intensity level for you.  The configuration process helps SENSUS determine the necessary intensity to meet your unique needs for pain relief. Configuration is easy and it takes about a minute.

Operating Modes

SENSUS has two operating modes:

  • Regular mode - the user starts each therapy session manually.
  • Continuous mode - therapy sessions will automatically start every other hour.

Use During Sleep

SENSUS may be used at bedtime to help you get to sleep and, if in continuous mode, the device will automatically start therapy sessions throughout the night to control your pain and help you sleep better.

To learn more about how SENSUS can help control your pain while you sleep, view our Frequently Asked Questions On  Use During Sleep.

Ongoing Care

SENSUS requires minimal care and involves only changing the electrode and periodically charging the battery.  The electrode can be used for 2 weeks.  After two weeks, dispose of the electrode and apply a new one.  The device utilizes a rechargeable battery.  A fully charged battery will typically run for 30 or more therapy sessions before needing to be recharged.